Motorcycle Rallies in Myrtle Beach

Bike Week 2023 – Myrtle Beach, SC

Every year in Myrtle Beach, like clockwork, the entire Grand Strand embraces the smell of burning rubber and motor engines. Proving to be one of the nations’ top motorcycling events, the Grand Strand features 2 different bike week rallies (not including the Atlantic Beach rally which we’ll cover in just a minute!) Around mid-May each year, Myrtle Beach holds its Spring Rally. This year the “week” is May 12-21, 2023. The fall rally is slated for October 2 – October 8, 2023. There is too much fun to be had here not to share with you the details about the coolest and Loudest weeks in Myrtle Beach !


What is bike week?

                Let’s shine some light on the event that is now going into its 82nd year of biker camaraderie! As mentioned, there are 2 different bike weeks. The spring rally typically is the biggest as far as attendance and overall exposure. The Spring Beach Rally (also known as the Harley/Myrtle Beach bike week) is one of the nation’s top 3 spring motorcycle rallies. Started in 1939 , it’s a mighty different world now than it was then. I’m willing to bet what hasn’t changed is the love for motorcycles and biker culture. Bike week has become a golden opportunity for many local businesses. There are vendors who depend entirely on bike weeks being a sucesss to determine if their year is a success. For others (like Myrtle Beach Management) it’s simply a time of year to show our support for bikers and run attractive promotions. If there is one thing that has been learned over the years it’s that bikers spend money! They spare no expense on their bikes and certainly don’t hold back when it comes to dining out. Bars such as Suck Bang Blow and the Beaver Bar are a guaranteed packed house for all of bike week.


Where do I stay during bike week?

                Not only is this a great time for T-Shirt vendors, Bars and motorcycle shops to promote their brand but also hotels/motels/resorts along the Grand Strand have the opportunity to market themselves. Most lodging spots along the Grand Strand during this week are indifferent to renting to bikers. It is understandable that not everyone is into motorcycles/biker culture. Some establishments prefer to keep it family oriented, thus giving away business to those resorts which fully embrace accommodating bikers. The best bet is to CALL whichever lodging business you’re interested in. Have a frank discussion with them about your needs. You have a group of 20 and want to rent multiple properties, bringing your bikes/trailers with you? There are options out there. Get on the ball early as possible. Waiting until May 1st to make arrangements isn’t wise unless you’re strictly holding out for some last minute deals. There is no guarantee that these last minute deals will happen. You could be waiting and waiting just to get an answer of “Sorry, we’re all booked up, this bike week is going to be bigger than ever!”

Lodging sponsors for bike week include but are not limited to: Beach Cove Resort, Captains Quarters, Caravelle Resort, Myrtle Beach Resort. For more information on lodging, feel free to contact Myrtle Beach Management and we’ll answer any questions you have and get you booked into a condo that fits your needs!


What about covid-19?

                The spring rally saw attendance of over half a million in 2018 and 2019. 2020 was a trying year as we were all introduced to the ugly Covid-19 and the ensuing government lockdowns. While 2020 was a disappointing year for business and the bike rallies, full of cancellations and ruined plans, there is no reason why 2021 won’t be an epic bounceback year. So far, the Atlantic Beach bikefest is the only official cancellation we know of. The Atlantic Beach Bikefest (also known as Black Bike Week) has become a regular annual event. Started in 1980, this rally has been an opportunity for African American bikers to celebrate their biking culture. Usually sporting the smaller, “crotch rocket” style bikes, you can catch groups of riders traveling together in packs. Famously sporting really sharp looking vests with their group name, symbols, and where they are representing from. Many biker groups from North Carolina, Georgia, Maryland and Virginia/D.C make their way into town for Black Bike Week. Unfortunately, it seems that this year Atlantic Beach has aired on the side of being cautious over Covid-19 concerns. It is a shame as we know many are ready to make up for lost time and the local economy can’t afford to turn down business from anywhere. Expect some determined and some might say defiant bikers to ignore Atlantic Beach’s cancellation, coming into Myrtle Beach to enjoy all of what Bike week has to offer.


I thought this was Myrtle Beach Bike week? What is this talk about Atlantic Beach or the “Grand Strand”?

                It’s never a good idea to assume that non-locals know how the Myrtle Beach area is laid out. Let us keep this brief but as informative as possible!

                The Grand Strand is the beach land which starts in Little River, SC and ends in Georgetown, SC. Myrtle Beach is pretty much smack dab in the middle of the Grand Strand. You have North Myrtle Beach between Little River and Myrtle Beach. Atlantic Beach (mentioned above, Black Bike Week) is a sub section of North Myrtle Beach. There are a handful of sub sections in North Myrtle Beach, all having their own personality. North Myrtle has seen drastic development over the past 20-30 years, no doubt the Hwy 31 project playing a huge role in this. Hwy 31, if ever able to take it along your GPS route, is a must see or in this case a “must drive”. It is the best way to bypass the busy spring/summer traffic and get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. The Grand Strand is 60+ miles in all. So, the next time you hear “The Grand Strand” just remember, it’s essentially anywhere 30 miles North or 30 miles South of Myrtle Beach!


Crude’s 10th annual Veteran Ride

                This is a riding event that takes place on May 12, 2021. In it’s 10th year now, Crudes Veterans Ride is a rain or shine event! Not only is this a motorcycle riding event but cars are welcome to join the fun and ride with the bikers. To sign up, get up early on May 12 and head over to Golden Egg in Surfside Beach, SC. 8 AM – 930 AM is the sign up window. 180 mile round trip ride with 4 punch card stops! $500 main prize is drawn from returned punch cards (must be present to win). Instructions with the wristband and a punch card will be given at registration. There will be a gas stop in McClellanville, SC at the BP on 17, cards will be punched here as a stop. Next stop is Low Country Harley Davidson in North Charleston, SC. Food trucks will be here for lunch as well as another punch card stop.  All riders pay for their own Lunch/Beverages. The ride ends at Causeway Grill in Garden City Beach Pier. Free pizza and drink discounts for anyone with wristbands! The best part about this event, the charity that is being raised for is Homes for our Troops. For a meet and greet that started with only 5 bikers in 2010 and finally born as an event in 2011, Crude’s Famous Veterans Ride is a memorable time for all involved!


Ready for May yet?

                We know we are ready for May ! It will be a great time here in the Myrtle Beach area. Whether you are coming strictly for vacation or specifically for that bikers life, it is guaranteed to be a beautiful time. Make your arrangements now, as mentioned before, many of us are looking to make up for lost time which 2020 robbed us of. Rooms are being booked by the hour each day and these promotions will only be a secret for so long! If you want any more specific information, feel free to contact one of the following sites: Myrtle Beach Bike or the Spring Beach Rally. Also, Contact us again with any questions you have and let us accommodate you in any one of our nicely appointed properties. Let this bike week be a safe and joyous occasion for all !